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2022-05-13 09:30
Department of Investment Services

MOEA Invites Northern European Businesses: Driving Circular Economy Business Opportunities via Smart Technology

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MOEA Invites Northern European Businesses: Driving Circular Economy Business Opportunities via Smart Technology
In order to better help Northern European businesses understand Taiwan's policies in promoting the circular economy, as well as gleam business opportunities within the industry, the Department of Investment Services (DOIS) of the MOEA held an Exchange Workshop for Investing in Taiwan on May 12 with "Driving Circular Economy Business Opportunities via Smart Technology" as the main theme. Over 30 Northern European businesses attended the workshop online and were given an in-depth analysis of the latest changes in Taiwan's industries.
The event prefaced with opening remarks delivered by Mr. Emile M. P. Chang, the CEO of InvesTaiwan, who mentioned Northern Europe's position as global pioneer in the promotion of renewable energy and sustainable development across the world. Mr. Chang also cordially invited Northern European businesses to invest in related fields and work together to build Taiwan into a green energy development center for Asia.
Dr. Lin from The Center for Green Economy (CIER) discussed Taiwan's current policies promoting the circular economy and how companies like AU Optronics (AUO), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, and the Taiwan Sugar Corporation are facilitating waste water recycling, carbon reduction, and reuse of sugarcane bagasse. He pointed out that Taiwan's manufacturing prowess has garnered international attention and mentioned that the industry has accelerated green transformation of its supply chains in response to the rising global trend of striving for net zero emissions - citing the latter as an area of great potential for collaborations between Northern European and Taiwan businesses.
Mr. Kenny Hsu, Chairman of UWin Nanotech and a proud recipient of the Taiwan Circular Economy Award, shared his successful experience investing in Taiwan. He also introduced his company's portfolio in innovative recycling technology of electronic waste - with applications spanning the semiconductor, PCB, cell phone, consumer electronics, and other industries - inviting Northern European businesses to collaborate with Taiwan.
For the event, the DOIS partnered with the Economic Division of the Taipei Mission in Sweden to attract overseas businesses. Mr. Petter Sund, Director of Business Sweden, and Mr. Jere Tala, Senior Advisor of Business Finland, were both present at the workshop. Renowned international companies of the likes of Ericsson (communications technology service provider), SKF (top manufacturer of bearings and seals), SPM Instruments (leading supplier of monitoring technology), and Nefab (supplier of sustainable packaging for industrial transportation) were all in attendance. During the workshop, there was a lively exchange of opinions on the current implementation of government policies regarding electrical vehicles and emissions reduction in Sweden and Norway, as well as how SMEs can respond to the challenges of the circular economy.
The MOEA has commenced the 2022 series of Exchange Workshops for Investing in Taiwan, and the German session is slated for June 14 (local Taiwan time). The focus shall be on energy storage and high-power conditioning systems, as the MOEA hopes to convey the exciting new opportunities within Taiwanese industries to Western European Businesses.

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