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2022-06-24 11:12
Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Technology Industrial Park (TIP) assesses for enterprises to save energy and reduce carbon emissions and move towards green transformation.

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TIP assesses for enterprises to save energy and reduce carbon emissions and move towards green transformation.
In order to assist enterprises in the parks to face the international trends of net-zero and carbon reduction, the Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) organized the "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Expert Counseling Group 2.0", and held the launching ceremony at 10:30 am on May 11, 2022, in the Nanzih Technology Industrial Park (NTIP). And to assist manufacturers in the park to introduce ISO50001 Energy Management System and share the successful cases in the ceremony, assisting enterprises to master the beginning of energy-saving and carbon reduction, and received an enthusiastic response from the on-site participating companies and employees.
Representatives of this energy-saving and carbon reduction expert-scholar coaching group include industrial circles, such as manufacturers of Insheng Engineering Co., Ltd. in Pintung Technology Industrial Park (PTIP) and JS Environmental Technology and Energy Saving Co., Ltd in Kaohsiung Software Park (KSP); academic circles, such as universities and colleges of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology and I-SHOU University; research institution, such as Metal Industries Research and Development Centre and Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation. All units jointly cooperate to find the best solution for carbon reduction for enterprises in the parks.
Yang Po-Keng, the EPZA Director-General, said that energy saving, carbon reduction and carbon footprint verification have become a must-have issue for domestic enterprises. Therefore, the TIPs will start with green talents training and engineering technical counseling, and combine the momentums of industry-university-institute to organize an expert counseling group for energy-saving and carbon reduction. By connecting technology supply solutions, allowing enterprises in the park to start from energy saving and energy management, to find out the internal energy use status of enterprises, build the first stepping stone for the path of industrial carbon reduction, and gradually optimize towards sustainable development.
EPZA indicated further that in the face of the international trend of carbon reduction, enterprises that master energy efficiency will have low-carbon transformation opportunities. TIPs will also conform to the international standard system, and provides personnel training, consultation and diagnosis for energy saving and carbon reduction for enterprises. Introducing and connecting cross-ministerial association resources to counsel enterprises to propose specific solutions to prepare for the follow-up carbon footprint verification. By doing so, it is expected that industries in Taiwan and the parks could also become internationally competitive in the globalized green economy market.

Spokesman: Mr. Liu Chi Chuan (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613349, 0911363680
Email: lcc12@epza.gov.tw

Contact Person: Shiu, Ren-Beng (Industry and Commerce Section of the Thrid Division)
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