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2022-06-16 11:17
Department of Industrial Technology

TTRI's RFID Yarn: New Method for Data Management and Application wins Gold at the 2022 Edison Awards

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TTRI's RFID Yarn: New Method for Data Management and Application wins Gold at the 2022 Edison Awards
Supported by the Department of Industry Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)'s RFID Yarn: a new method for data management and application' wins Gold at the 2022 Edison Awards.

Traditional RFID tags are big-sized, externally attached, and intolerant to acid, alkali, and washing, making them incompatible with further textile applications. However, the RFID yarn is thin and soft, and can be easily woven into textiles for a wider range of applications. It passes five major durability tests in the textile field, including anti-laundry, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-high temperature, and anti-roller pressure.

RFID yarn can perform real-time monitoring throughout the textile supply chain, including textile design, raw material procurement, production, transportation, processing, sales of products, and even after-sales service and product end-of-life reuse and recycling. For example, Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd., the largest textile dyeing and finishing company in Taiwan, manages each process links by integrating its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) with RFID yarn. RFID yarn has helped reduce 95% of waste fabric, arising the output value of over 100 million NTD. In the future, RFID yarn can deal with post-consumption processes, where clothes can be easily classified with RFID yarn for further recycling and reusing.

Moreover, TTRI initiates the RFID Yarn Technology Industry Alliance, consisting of 14+ companies, including Securitag Assembly Group, InfoChamp Systems Corporation, and Ruth Cleaning Technology. The alliance provides support for RFID technology, hardware and software integration, and cleanroom suit washing. The Alliance establishes the RFID Yarn Dyeing and Finishing Field Assessment Testing Method, which was reviewed and passed by the Committee for Conformity Assessment of Accreditation and Certification on Functional and Technical Textiles as a verification specification (FTTS-YA-186) for future commercial applications.