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TDP for Academia


With the industry needs as the core orientation, industry-academia cooperation resources have been integrated to implement technology commercialization and industrialization, assist the industry or research agencies in developing innovative products or technology services and creating new ventures or promoting flagship teams to overcome the commonality gap of the industry chain commercialization


Startup Value Creation Program

In response to the development of national-level science and technology policies and the trends in global competition (new-generation semiconductors, 5G, ICT precision medicine, etc.), the Program aims to facilitate and foster startups with innovative technologies from the academic field, further promoting startups to form a cluster of emerging technology industries. The Program is promoted in two ways:


Achievements of Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia.



The Program provides subsidies to universities to encourage technology commercialization and business creation. DoIT promotes the “Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia” to encourage industry-academia cooperation to develop innovative products and technology services for market demand, produce key intellectual property and create start-up companies or spin-in business units.


Achievements of Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia.


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